We wouldn’t be sps architekten if our range of services were limited to the usual scope. Collaboration with us can actually start at the project development stage and then encompass the entire construction process. That applies to building extensions and existing buildings as well as to new buildings of any size, and to listed buildings.

A room
is like a
second skin.

We accompany projects from the first idea through to completion – our work is essential in order to not lose the focus

Simon Speigner
is the creation
of space.

We strive for the optimum solution on every project. Which is why it can often be unconventional, but always has to be authentic, of lasting value and of architectural merit. In order to achieve this, we attach great importance not only to detailed 3D planning (BIM), but also to manual drawing and working on the model.

Creating something
touches the soul.


Planning is a very responsible task, as it forms the basis for healthy development

Planning is a process that you have to get involved in

simon speigner