Not the price
but the meaning
gives things their value.

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“The passion for development has condensed the tried-and-tested with innovation into a unique place for working, thinking, cultural exchange and know-how transfer.”

Jury chair and architect, Roland Gnaiger, in the justification for the award of the State Prize for Architecture and Sustainability 2017


Following our clear conviction, we regard building as a cleverly planned and well-devised process of transforming creative energy into spaces in which our clients rediscover themselves. Through the personal consideration of their wishes, we open doors to buildings that are less oriented towards conventions than to what is aesthetically and authentically but also sustainably valuable and natural. Or to put it another way: It’s when it becomes challenging that it gets really interesting for us.

We want to remain authentic and are eager to solve even tricky tasks

Simon Speigner


If you want to move with the times, you have to stay ahead of them. That’s why we take the liberty of exploiting even scope that has never been explored before. Because only then can we succeed in sounding out the many aspects of architecture and setting milestones. Just as we have already succeeded with these and many other projects: Samer Mösl Salzburg, Hummel Barracks Graz, Hallein senior citizens’ residence, Lißfeld Sports Park Linz, Chapel in Ried am Wolfgangsee.

Samer Mösl Salzburg, the largest wooden passive house construction at that time | Hummel Barracks Graz, the highest wooden residential building in Austria at the time | Hallein senior citizens’ residence with 136 rooms in prefabricated wooden room cell construction | Lissfeld Sports Park Linz, a wide-span, prefabricated wooden structure hall with three-dimensionally shaped wall elements | Chapel in Ried am Wolfgangsee, our first project that we planned in 3D and completed in direct digital dialogue with the industry



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